Consulting: Brand and Marketing 
ReDiscover Yourself: Reconnecting and aligning with self
Brand-i: Workshop and talks on 'Being the brand'
Liberate: A workshop for inclusive discussion and decision making
InNoWait: Co-creating innovative directions; Now and here
Harvest: co-creating solutions with collective thinking
Succession planning (in a family business)



Intradia World works with selective clients on a long-term basis or on special projects for a defined time period. It has helped clients set up marketing department, create and implement Go-to-market strategies, select creative-media agencies, campaign development, address a specific problem and create a brand blueprint from scratch.

Brand and Marketing Consultancy


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A unique residential workshop conducted preferably offsite in a nature blessed surroundings. It addresses the individual needs and tries raising many unsaid questions in the mind of the participants. It is self-awareness by negating self-fixation.

ReDiscover Yourself


Invest in the biggest asset you have- Yourself. Instead of marketing brands-services and products- look at Branding Yourself. Introspect-Deliberate - Define - Plan - Act - Monitor - Introspect model.

Brand-i:   Workshop and Talks 


on a pre-identified probortunity. The co-created Ideas are shortlisted, evaluated and ARVEST A CROP OF IDEAS  with a group of diverse stakeholders Ha action plan is developed by the end of the workshop.

HARVEST: A 2-day workshop


There is no fixed time for Innovation and it is  not the responsibility of any individual or department. Innovation need not to wait for any person or moment. The collective experience of the team coupled with insights and consumer immersion can help InNoWAITAt the end of the day to deliver Innovative direction to solutions

LIBERATE: Costomatised 


Anytime is a good time to innovate.  Why should we wait to innovate? The collective experience of the team along with insights and consumer immersion can help to InNoWAIT,  deliver an innovative directional thought on the probortunity. 

InNoWait: A 2-day workshop