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Sanjeev Kotnala, an IIM Ahmedabad Alumnus ( 1987), has more than 35 years of experience in Brand and Marketing. He has been associated with many innovative and highly creative solutions to probortunities, Problems and opportunities.

Sanjeev invested initial  17 years with  MUDRA, JWT and LINTAS, India's leading advertising agencies. He has contributed to a diverse set of brands across insurance, Banks, Automobiles, Mobiles, Fabric, Hotels, and media. In his last corporate assignment, Sanjeev led Dainik Bhaskar's ( India's leading Newspaper Group)  as Vice President; National marketing. 
In 2014, he launched Intrada World, a brand and marketing advisory. Sanjeev loves working directly with clients' teams on long- and short-term assignments as an independent advisor.

Brand building is about creating preference & customer willingness
to pay a premium on a sustained basis. 

The client's teams with their wealth of ground experience are best placed to take on any organisational challenge.   They can best evaluate the cause, possibilities, constraints and solutions. 


The external facilitator only helps them to analyse and evaluate the options and finally pick the best one. 


Co-created Co-owned solutions are the most effective long-term solutions. 

Intradia Belief

INTRADIA believes in immersive and inclusive working.

It helps unleash the true potential of internal teams.

Unlocking the Brand potential.  Re-orienting Brand identity, proposition and archetype with the brand vision and market requirements.




Invest in the biggest asset you have.  Remember, professional growth is not only a function of your talent & skillsets but also how you get branded within the organisation.

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A part of you is lost in the fast-paced chaotic life full of expectations and experiences. Come open up to re-discover, re-connect and re-align with your true inner self.

Why wait to Innovate.  A workshop to
develop a series of co-created innovative solutions with the help of internal team.

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