Sanjeev Kotnala has more than 30 years of experience in Brand, marketing, innovation and creativity.

He invested initial 17 years of his professional career in the agency side of the business with MUDRA, JWT and LINTAS; working across a diverse set of categories from Insurance, Banks, Automobile, Mobiles, Fabric, Hotels, Media etc.

Next 10 years he led 'Brand & Marketing' at Dainik Bhaskar Group. In 2014, he launched Intrada World and since then has been an independent advisor.  


INTRADIA the facilitator.

You are the potter.  The clay and the wheel belong to you. The idea is the pot that you want to make. Intradia facilitates creating it with your team within your resources.

Brand Building is all about creating the capacity to charge a premium on a sustained basis.

It is a result of deliberate strategic decisions and consistent behaviour.


The client's teams with their wealth of ground zero experience are best placed to take on any organisational challenge.   They can best evaluate the cause, possibilities and constraints. 


A Co-created Co-owned solution is the most effective long-term solutions. 

INTRADIA believes in a framework of immersive and inclusive working.

It facilitates unleashing of the true potential of internal teams in the chosen area.

It is s always better to teach a person how to catch a fish person than to serve him one.


Enhance teams collective potential and reduce external cost.


Stop worrying about investing in employees.

Stop asking;  What if we train them and they leave?

You should ask; What if we don’t and they stay?

BRAND-i: invest in the biggest asset you have.  Because professional growth is not only a function of your talent and skill sets.

LIBERATE the teams by introducing  32 inclusive processes of discussion and decision making. Free them from templated thinking. 

REDISCOVER YOURSELF:  A part of you is lost in the fast-paced chaotic life. Come rediscover, reconnect and realign to inner self

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INNOWAIT is Innovation without the wait. A workshop to develop a co-created innovative directional solution with the internal team.