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Brand & Marketing Consultancy

Intradia World works with clients on special projects for a defined outcome and timelines. Intradia has helped clients set up a marketing department, hire teams, create and implement Go-to-market strategies, campaign development, and brand identity & alignment.


Conversation Between Colleagues
Personal Branding

Intradia conducts individual, organisational and open workshops to focus on the need for personal branding to help prevent getting branded by default. 

Because all things being similar, professional growth is influenced by internal personal branding, image and perceptions.

Invest in the biggest asset - Yourself. Instead of marketing brands-services and products - first look and take care of Branding Yourself. Introspect-Deliberate - Define - Plan - Act - Monitor - Introspect model.



Why should someone wait to innovate?
This unique workshop uses the cross-functional teams and their collective knowledge of a probortunity in creating innovative solutions and designs. 

It gives the best results when the cross-sectional team is inclusive and diverse across age-gender-department and experience. And when there is no pressure of either the  time or the output.


HARVEST: A 2-day workshop

As the name suggests, 'Idea harvest' attempts to harvest a bumper crop of ideas with the internal cross-sectional teams on a sharply pre-identified and agreed probortunity.

Intradia believes that the co-created Ideas mined in the workshop and selected by the team are the most suited and the best option for the organisations to act.
The workshop at the end delivers a framework of the process by which the co-created co-endorsed idea can be implemented in real life. 


High Intensity Frequent Training

Intradia World recognises that training workshops have limited effect unless the training is put into practice. Hence, Intradia World offers SHIFT- where a mini capsule of 2-3 hour training is done weekly or fortnightly without disturbing the client team's schedule. To reduce cost, it uses uses client's premises for training.  The session involves a review of actions and experiences of past sessions and the introduction of a new concept.



A simple exercise of personification and archetype is used to understand the matrix of how each of the stakeholders is seen and perceived by other stakeholders. The aim is to create a simple enough consistent framework that aligns company, brand, internal and external team image & and expectations- thus enhancing the output. No longer does a Tiger team sell a mouse trap in the market, or the Retail acts as an elephant with the Fox team that is internally just a small kitten. 
a New concept and under trial and hence looking for brads willing to experiment.

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