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A well know brand name in ICECREAMS - loved in over 13 states. It is also in Milk and Milk based products like  Paneer, Srikhand, Yoghurt. It has recently also ventured in Bakery products

The senior management team at MYFM went through an intensive full-day LIBERATE level-I workshop at Noida 


GROUP. India’s foremost

OOH media solution

company based in Mumbai

with offices across the nation. Laqshya has engaged INTRADIA WORLD under SHIFT- Specific High-Intensity Frequent Training Programme. Monthly training sessions on a long-term basis were conducted for Delhi and Mumbai office.


South Korea Second Largest agency. A team of 45 employees across departments took part in a 2-day offsite near Gurgaon. On a specific challenge the team collectives developed a set of co-created co-owned ideas. 

Have you ever felt the charm of for a moment
or let's say A-Day-At-A-time giving up all
responsibilities, live the moment with no
worries? Tough to imagine and rarely will be
the answer. You wished, wished someone to take care of your worries. And if this MAGIC was possible-,it would MAKE SENSE FOR YOU TO TRAVEL ALL OVER THE WORLD. Now is the time, Go take this opportunity that WOWW (Wild Orchid Worldwide) brings you.



Business Head and VP.


Ideathon was an excellent workshop conducted by Sanjeev.  The way it was ideated and conducted made even the seasoned advertising professionals in the company jump with excitement and awe.


You could see them smiling, amused and happy to the new way of working in a workshop. The net result, after 2 days of discussions, all the attendees had a fresh perspective to the work they do in their everyday life.


This is what any agency head looks forward to. Thanks to Sanjeev Kotnala for charging up my team.

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“PRANAVA” is a responsible and conscious brand, making an effort to promote Organic and ethical clothing.

“PRANAVA” as pure as it can get. 

All the workers and people involved in the supply chain and the manufacturing are treated fairly and the aura of their happiness is transmitted along with the clothes. 

Our designs are playful, subtle and joyful, reflecting the innocence of the child and its purity.

“PRANAVA”:- blessings from the soul of the earth, from the depth of the heart.

PURE MEDIA IMAGINATION. India’s first B2B media agency, enabling media houses to maximise their trade foothold by providing them with a unique blend of contemporary and traditional marketing practices. It provide creative assistance and aesthetic appeal to build brand recognition and loyalty. Ambient Media Branding, Trade activations, CRM activities, meaningful gifting and media audit create maximum impressions for your brand in order to generate quality leads.

An organisation young at heart with a fresh outlook at media marketing, we believe in constantly adapting and evolving the services we provide in order to make your brand reach the eyes and ears that make the decisions. By this, we generate true partnership and build a legacy into what we do. PURE MEDIA IMAGINATION was an Intradia World Client for SHIFT- Specialised High-Intensity Frequent Training. A group of employees were given90-minutes training every week. 

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