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SHIFT- Specified High Intensity Frequent Training

The SHIFT model involves training the participants in short 2-3 Hr sessions every week or fortnight.


They are like college education given pre-read, in class and take home assignment.

Being short and customised, these are delivered without much disturbance to their work schedule.


SHIFT can be designed for a  minimum of 20 to a maximum of 50 participants. 

Alternatively, specific 1-or-2 day training programme can be designed on following topics

  • Team Bonding

  • Decision Making

  • Innovation

  • Other Soft Skills like Time Management, Stress Management, Communication skills etc.

INTRADIA training focusses on.


  • Liberating Ideas

  • Team Building

  • Co-owned solutions

  • Public speaking

  • Work-life Banamce

  • Presentation making

  • Time Management

  • Creativie thinking

  • Innovation

  • Liberate Processes

  • Active Listening

  • Trust building


Intradia is more interested in long-term assignments in training, so as to partner and make a real difference in the organisational dynamics.

Stop worrying about investing in employees.

Stop asking;  What if we train them and they leave?

You should ask; What if we don’t and they stay?

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