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Every professional must surrender to some interest outside their regular scope of work. Space where they can lose themselves and take out the stress that is a natural in their life.  


'Chimera of Lansdowne' is Sanjeev's Debut novel released in 2018. Its based on Lansdowne a town where he sent his childhood. It deals with how stories about a property or place start to take root in mass pysche.  

He is  the creater of  SIGNATURE ART, where life is infused in the signature by introducing design elements yet retaining the unique identity. 


He has been writing a Wednesday column  KOTmartial in commenting on Advertising, media and marketing.

Sanjeev follows the advice he gives. He blogs at  where you can read entertaining weekly episode in advertising and marketing, book and movie reviews.


 He expresses himself through the paintings and collages. In fact, he is a compulsive doodler,  his excuse, it makes him concentrate.

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